Pete Fox

Chief Information Officer

Pete Fox joined CIBT as CIO in September of 2009. He is responsible for all aspects of the company’s technical strategy and operations including Software Development, Networks Management, Data Centers and Digital Security. Pete also leads the global marketing team to develop innovative new products and services. At CIBT Pete spearheaded the implementation and rollout of CIBT’s bespoke fulfillment systems to 14 different countries operating in 7 different languages. Pete oversees CIBT’s commercial software product offerings and developed ImmigrationSmart, the company’s innovative technology solution for corporate mobility. Pete has strong experience in leadership and development of large-scale distributed network applications, web-based applications, global marketing and e-commerce products. Before joining CIBT, Pete held several senior positions at Network Solutions, where he lead two major acquisitions and served as the SVP in charge of Engineering, Product Development and M&A. His background includes experience with companies such as Lockheed Martin and General Electric. Pete is a magna cum laude Electrical Engineering graduate from VA Tech and holds an MS in Electrical Engineering also from VA Tech.